Car-free Day in Douala (Cameroon)

24 November 2018, Douala (Cameroon)

On November 24th, the Urban Community of Douala organised its first car-free day “the Street for All”. This historical day marked the achievement of a whole week of intensive work from the Douala Urban Community team, as well as from MobiliseYourCity partners who assisted the municipality in the elaboration of its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).
The reunion of the Steering Committee of the project was the occasion to present different scenarios to improve urban mobility in the city and make it more accessible, integrated and sustainable.

This day unfelt under the presidency of the Government of Douala Delegate, along with Prefect and region Governor representatives, and in presence of the Bordeaux Metropole representative assisting the SUMP implementation work in the framework of decentralised cooperation between the two cities.

After a bicycle parade, the Government Delegate officially opened the Car-free Day. Then the official delegation visited the different stands (presentation of mobility scenarios to the population, road safety, Red Cross and playground). A meeting was also organised in situ with the moto-taxi representatives (informal transport) who seized the opportunity to exchange with Douala authorities in order to coordinate together all the urban mobility actors in the city.
The organisation of such a Day remains important since it enables the population to be more sensible to the urban mobility stakes and to present to the participants the main SUMP ambitions and orientations to come.

The Government Delegate, conscious of the stakes for his city and the population of Douala, wishes to reiterate the initiative, in particular for the Douala SUMP delivery in the end of the first quarter 2019.


Photo 1: Family picture in presence of the Douala Government Delegate and Prefect representatives, Governor representatives, Bordeaux Metropole representative and CODATU.

Photo 2: Cyclists, quite unusual in Douala, in frontline for the “Street for All” day.

Photo 3: The bicycle parade

Photo 4: The Douala Government Delegate speech

Photo 5: Presentation of the different scenarios mentioned in the framework of the SUMP elaboration

Photo 6: Information point for road safety

Photo 7: Meeting with the Government Delegate and moto-taxi representatives

Photo 8: Inspiring young generations and work for their future function