• Morocco


Key Facts

Beneficiary Partner: Ministry of Home Affairs, Directorate General of Local Authorities (DGCL)
Funding source for support: Fonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial, French Government
Duration of commission: 2 years
Implementing Partners: ADEME, AFD, CEREMA, CODATU


Population (year):
Land area (year):
GDP per capita (year):
Urban growth rate
35.28 million (2016)
446,550 km²
$8612 (IMF, 2017)
+24% bet. 2004-2014 (Census, 2014)


The Challenge 

Over the last decade, the Government of Morocco has developed a national policy to improve urban mobility and to address the current and future challenges of Moroccan cities. The maturity of the planning process is therefore already at an advanced level in Morocco.
In 2013, the organisation of a National Day for Urban Transport (JNTU) represented the opportunity to relaunch the public debate over the challenges of priorities of urban mobility policies. The creation of a new financial mechanism (Fonds d’Accompagnement aux Réformes du Transport) and the empowerment of local authorities in the context of devolution, contributed to a redefinition of the national strategy. In 2016, the “MobiliseDays” conference in Rabat highlighted the need for an evolution of the national framework and the role of SUMPs as a lever to structure sustainable urban mobility policies.
Moreover, as the host country of the COP22 in 2016, the government of Morocco committed to reducing its GHG emissions by 13% by 2030 and was one of the first countries to join the MobiliseYourCity Partnership.
Today, the MobiliseYourCity approach aims to capitalise on the experience of Morocco and supporting the national and local governments in developing and implementing a coherent and ambitious national vision for urban transport.
Given the scope of the MobiliseYourCity program in Morocco, a designated team – composed of representatives of CEREMA, CODATU and ADEME – was set up to coordinate the assistance.


Technical Assistance

  • Strategic objectives
    • Inventory and Assessment: Produce an assessment of urban mobility in Morocco at the national level:
      • Overview of urban mobility planning processes in Moroccan cities,
      • Assessment of current national strategy,
      • Analysis of the existing levers to develop urban mobility: governance, financing, capacity-development and transport technologies.
    • Vision and Goal setting: Build long-term vision and define strategy for improving urban mobility in the country in a sustainable way:
      • Completion of the evaluation
      • Definition of specific and quantitative (if relevant) targets
      • Participative methodology to define common vision and identify strategic measures for implementation with key stakeholders in a vertical approach (national and local authorities) and horizontal approach (actors of urban development, environment, public finance, social policies, etc.).
    • MRV approach: Provide the national and local governments with an overview of the implementation of the MRV approach in Morocco today:
      • Assessment of the current situation: available data, overview of ongoing initiatives, review of existing MRV methodologies and tools.
      • Action plan for the development of a consistent and comprehensive methodology for MRV at national and local levels.
    • Operational objectives
      • Inventory and Assessment (incl. MRV approach):
        • Organizing technical missions on the ground,
        • Interviewing national and local stakeholders,
        • Developing evaluation and recommendations,
        • Presenting to MobiliseYourCity Morocco steering committee.
      • Vision and Goal setting:
        • Completion and finalization of the evaluation,
        • Building of national vision: mission on the ground and organization of seminar and working groups sessions with key stakeholders of urban mobility in Morocco,
        • Development of document presenting the national vision and set of strategic measures, as well as the recommendations for implementation.


 Capacity Development

 03 workshops
related to urban mobility planning, data management and MRV methodology in Morocco
02 events
involving beneficiary city partners
 01 cooperation agreement
between the city of Lyon and Rabat in coordination with the MobiliseYourCity Partnership




Main achievements in 2017 :
Deliverables :
  • Report on the inventory & evaluation of urban mobility in Morocco (February 2018);
  • Preliminary study on the operational implementation of methodology to measure, report and verify (MRV) for the MobiliseYourCity Program in Morocco (February 2018);
  • Formalization of the national vision for sustainable urban mobility in Morocco (June 2018);
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