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A National Urban Mobility Policy or Investment Programme aims at effectively enabling local governments to tackle urban mobility challenges.

The understanding of national urban mobility policies or investment programmes is diverse around the globe. MobiliseYourCity is as follows :
« A National Urban Mobility Policy or Investment Programme is a strategic, action-oriented framework for urban mobility, developed by national governments, enacted to enhance the capability of cities to plan, finance and implement projects and measures designed to fulfill the mobility needs of people and businesses in cities and their surroundings in a sustainable manner. It builds on existing policies and regulations and aims at harmonizing relevant laws, norms, sector strategies, investment and support programs towards an integrated approach for the benefits of cities and their inhabitants. It takes due consideration of participation and evaluation principles. »  


How does MobiliseYourCity support national governments in developing NUMPs?

MobiliseYourCity will support the development of NUMPs and make a contribution to an intensified exchange of experiences on NUMP design and implementation. Learning, Innovation and Capacity Development are decisive for successful development and implementation of NUMPs and thus form integral part of MobiliseYourCity support. MobiliseYourCity will be working with national governments, donor agencies and hired international and national consultants. 



What does MobiliseYourCity support on NUMPs entail?

MobiliseYourCity follows a modular approach. Considering the specific situation in different partner countries, MobiliseYourCity offers tailor-made support packages in the following areas:
First fact-finding / pre-assessment, identification of key stakeholders and key challenges;   Ensure political backing, Setting-up local project management team, hiring consultancy;   MobiliseDays/initiation workshop and first training measures;   Target group: National government institutions and possibly selected local governments.  
Data and policy research at national and local level; Mobility analysis, institutional, regulatory and financial analysis; Capacity Assessment.
Create common understanding on possible futures; analyse different scenarios and options; Develop a joint vision for urban mobility and identifying priority areas and measures; Set objectives, targets and indicators.
Status quo assessment of regulation for mobility, institutional set-up, etc. Recommendations for institutional and regulatory improvements; Advanced: Strategy for institutional development, proposals for regulatory improvements.
Status Quo and investment needs assessment for urban mobility; Recommendations for improved financial mechanism; Advanced: Detailed proposal for financing mechanism (e.g. public transport investment program or draft financing law).
Status Quo and training needs assessment; Recommendations for capacity development; Advanced: Development of guidance for SUMP, setting-up capacity-building program.
Review prevailing transport technologies, design guidelines, technical norms etc. for planning and operations; Advanced: Development of transport technology road map, design and operational guidelines.
Provision of MRV guidelines & set-up of data repository; Setting-up data collection and maintenance mechanism; Advanced: Development of a national MRV framework for urban mobility and country-specific default emission factors.
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