• Oujda


Key Facts

Beneficiary Partner: Oujda
Funding source for support: Fonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial, French Government
Duration of commission: 2 years
Implementing Partner(s): AFD, CEREMA


Population (year):
Land area (year):
GDP per capita (year):
Urban growth rate
500 km²


The Challenge 

  • Oujda is a medium-sized town and the capital city of the ‘Oriental’ region in Northeast Morocco, near Algeria.
  • The population of this city has been increasing in recent years but is now stabilizing. Various projects are in progress or have been rolled out, like the highway between Fès and Oujda. Industry and tourism have developed a lot, but the regional economy is mainly agriculture-based.
Urban mobility characteristics:
  • In 2012, 1,287,301 trips per day were recorded. Commuters account for 32% of the trips made by car, compared with 2.6% in 1983. By 2020, approximately 55,000 motorized trips are predicted. A new bus network is being structured including a high-level bus service.
  • Oujda already has a SUMP, the challenge is implementing it.
Objectives of MobiliseYourCity technical assistance:
  • Structuring the monitoring of implementation of SUMP
  • Structuring and integrating the MRV GES approach in urban mobility planning,
  • Capacity-building in various areas, such as parking and traffic management.


 Capacity Development

City-to-city exchanges
01 seminar
0 events
0 cooperation agreement


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