Delivering automated fare collection

Delivering Automated Fare Collection

Automated fare collection (AFC) systems are a key component of sustainable, high-quality urban transport services. However, their introduction is a complex and far-reaching endeavour that affects all parts of a transport organisation, significantly increases user interaction with the transport service and may take several years to complete. In short, AFCs are far from being simple IT projects.

Download the ERDB Report on automated fare collection

Reforming Urban Bus Services

Bus services dominate our public transport systems, particularly in emerging economies, due to their cost effectiveness and adaptability, as well as the ease of reallocation and reconfiguration of bus fleets to respond to changing service requirements.
However, cities are facing intensified calls to reform their bus services to provide high-quality, safe public transport services for their users and address environmental challenges, notably congestion and air pollution.This bus sector reform policy paper is for city authorities who seek to transform bus services in response to user expectations and environmental challenges. It builds on experience from cities in emerging markets and on proceedings of the bus sector reform seminar held at the EBRD in London in July 2017.

Download the ERDB Report on the Reform of Urban Bus Services

Bus Rapid Transit

Download the GIZ Report on BRT(English)

Download the GIZ Report on BRT (Spanish)

Bus Regulation and Planning

Download the GIZ Report On Bus Regulation and Planning (Spanish Version)

BRT Planning Guide

Welcome to the BRT Planning Guide; This guide processes loads of information and depth on certain topics, including: • more detailed and enhanced chapters on service planning, demand analysis, and speed and capacity • consolidated and expanded information on communications, • newchaptersoninstitutionalissues,contracting,andfinancialmodelling, • more information on physical design – expanded to seven chapters, and • more complete chapters of different types of integration, from walking and cycling to multimodal integration.

Download the BRT Panning Guide (English)

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