Mobility in France

PDU: the French urban mobility plan – Integrating transport policies

The Urban Mobility Plan (PDU – Plan de déplacements urbains) was created by the French Framework Law on internal transport (Loti – loi d’orientation sur les transports intérieurs) in 1982. As a general planning tool for mobility across an urban area, the PDU defines the organizational principles for transport and parking for both people and goods, and covers all modes of transport. Several laws passed between 2000 and 2010 strengthened PDUs. They coordinate sector-specific policies on alternative modes of transport to the car, the road network and parking and incorporate several interconnected issues, such as environmental protection, integrating urban policies and mobility, access to transport for all and road safety.


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L’évaluation des PDU: des convergences d’approches pour une réalité complexe

The publication on the evaluation on PDUs presents convergent approaches for a complex reality. In France article L. 1214-8 of the Transport Code stipulates that urban transport plans (PDUs) must be evaluated every five years, without further details on how to conduct it. How do the authorities organizing urban transport appropriate the challenge of this assessment and how do they proceed in practice? This is what Certu and Gart, assisted by Cete want to deepen by questioning local actors about their practices.


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30 years of sustainable urban mobility plans (PDU) in France

Thirty years after their creation, PDUs have demonstrated their effectiveness to help influence inhabitants’ mobility: decrease in car use in major urban centres, increased use of public transport and development of active modes. Their success has encouraged many mediumsized towns to engage in voluntary approaches and the PDU is now one of the « sustainable urban mobility plan » models promoted by Europe in its Action Plan on Urban Mobility. However, problems of implementation remain, particularly due to the complexity of integrating the PDU into the hierarchy of planning documents, the multiplicity of stakeholders involved in governance and the need for cooperation between transport authorities beyond the scope of application of the PDU. Therefore, the PDU today faces many challenges, which it must take up if it is to strengthen its contribution to the integration of urban and transport policies.

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