• Vinnytsia


Key Facts

Project Commissioned by: Integrated urban development in Ukraine – German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
Implemented by: GIZ
Beneficiary Partner: The Ministry for Regional Development, Building and Housing of Ukraine
Duration of commission: 01.01.2016 – 31.10.2019
Volume: 9 100 000 €
Implementing Partner(s): Civil Council Vinnytsia




Population (year):
Land area (year):
GDP per capita (year):
327.484 (2015)
113,2 km²
$2790 (2013)


The Challenge 

Topography, hydrography and industrial infrastructure have a strong influence on the development of the road network. There are only a few links across the Southern Bug River and there are no direct connections between the center and the outer districts. However, most of the outer districts have a low population and employment density. The railway and vast industrial areas cut off some historical links, which causes a big problem for soft mode mobility.
The network is currently structured around the type of vehicles used rather than based on the demand, generating a concentration of vehicles along the main corridors. Nevertheless, it is a well-structured network that serves most residential and employment districts and connects them to the center. The size of the system is optimal for trams and buses (max. 5 km from the center, offering good running conditions: max. 15-20 min for a journey to the center).
An extended street network was developed during various city extensions in the past, structuring the city’s urban areas and traffic flow. Today, the city is structured to meet the needs of individual motorized vehicles. However, there is a high potential for improved traffic management, and the existing streets offer enough space for all modes of transport (including bicycle) and a high quality urban space with tree-lined avenues.


Capacity Development


7 workshops/seminars
2 training programs
6 city-to-city exchanges
1 study tour




Policies and targets
In 2017, greenhouse gas emissions amounted to 1743.4 thousand tons of CO2. Compared to 2016, emissions decreased by 2.72 thousand tons of CO2 (0.16%). СО2 emissions decreased by 32.4 thousand tons of СО2 (1.82%) compared to the base year of 2010 (In accordance with Vinnytsia City’s Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development by 2020).
Policy / program developed / approved / applied:
The project of the Public transport strategy in Vinnytsia until 2030
Designed and approved:
The Integrated Program for the Development of Urban Passenger Transport for 2018-2023, approved by the decision of the Vinnytsia City Council dated 22.12.2017 №1003 (to replace the Urban Electricity Development Program between 2007 and 2017, and the Program for the Development of Municipal Road Public Passenger Transport between 2017 and 2020)
Integrated urban transport and spatial planning strategy.
Program for the development of cycling in Vinnytsia for 2013-2020, approved by the decision of the Vinnytsia City Council on May 31, 2013. № 1290
The report on the implementation of the urban electric transport development program for 2007-2017 approved the decision of the city council dated 22.12.2017 №1004 «Concerning the course of implementation of the Program for the Development of Urban Electric Vehicles in Vinnytsia for 2007-2017»


  • The volume of investment in 2017 in the field of transport:
    • 4 tram cars were modernized – 33 million UAH.
    • 4 buses of average capacity were purchased – 8 million UAH.
    • A washing-and-cleaning facility was built on the transport park belonging to « Vinnytsia Transport Company » – 4 million UAH.
    • 2 new traffic lights were constructed – 0.2 million UAH. (1 of them funded by the City Council)
Facilities development
  • To carry out the modernization of 2 tram cars
  • To recondition 4 buses
  • To implement municipal bikes and develop a bicycle infrastructure in the city
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