About the Partnership

What is MobiliseYourCity?

MobiliseYourCity is an open international partnership created by the governments of France and Germany and supported by the European Commission that supports national and local governments in developing countries in the planning of sustainable urban mobility to develop more inclusive, liveable and economically efficient cities and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

How does it work?

MobiliseYourCity works with its partner countries and cities focusing on three main work streams:


Strengthening cities in their ambition to develop sustainable urban transport by implementing National Urban Mobility Policies and Programmes (NUMPs).


Taking consolidated action on the local level by developing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).


Establishing solid financing schemes for sustainable urban mobility.

About Us

MobiliseYourCity is a partnership initiative,
bringing together diverse stakeholders
who are committed to sustainable mobility.

We are thrilled to have leaders from cities and local authorities, governments, donor agencies, development institutions, technical agencies and NGOs as founding partners.

To join MobiliseYourCity, partners endorse the initiative’s mission and purpose, its governance and ethical principles, and commit to the development of sustainable and low-carbon mobility policies by signing the MobiliseYourCity charter.

Who are the Partners?

MobiliseYourCity Secretariat

Markus Delfs

Markus Delfs


Mael Martinie

Maël Martinie

Partnership and Outreach Manager

Sandra Laquelle

Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

Michael Engelskirchen

Coordination Latin America

MobiliseYourCity Principal Contacts


Réda Souirgi

Project Manager AFD

German Agency for International Cooperation

André Eckermann

Project Manager GIZ


Paolo Ciccarelli

European Commission, DG DEVCO, Head of Unit C5 – Water, Infrastructures, Cities

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Supported by


European Commission

German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

Ministère de la Transition Écologique et Solidaire

French Facility for Global Environment

Implemented by


French Environment and Energy Management Agency

French Development Agency

Centre For Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility, and Urban and Country planning

Centre For Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility, and Urban and Country planning

Cooperation For Urban Mobility In the Developing World



European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

German Agency for International Cooperation

Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

In Collaboration with


SLoCaT Logo High Resolution


Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport





Marrakech Partnership









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