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  • Woman Driving Metro in Kochi

    Held on February 2019

  • Kochi Joint Planning Workshop

    Held in Kochi on 2018

  • Memorandum of Understanding Ahmedabad

    Signed on February 2019

  • Nagpur Training & Capacity Building

    Held on July 2019

About MobiliseYourCity India

Goals of MYC program in India

MYC is providing assistance in India at two levels:

  • at national level, MYC is assisting the Govt. of India (GoI), through the MoHUA (Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs), in improving their sustainable urban transport policy;
  • at local level, MYC is providing support to three pilot cities - Nagpur, Kochi and Ahmedabad - in their efforts to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions of urban transport sector by elaborating and implementing sustainable urban mobility plans.

MYC program in India is funded by the European Union and its implementation is supported by the Agence Française de Développement.

MYC program in India seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • A better ownership for local stakeholders of urban transport planning tools, through participatory processes for SUMP formulation;
  • SUMP operationalization, by adding notable investment and action plan to the planning document, and preparing a prefeasibility study of urban transport priority projects identified;
  • Building capacities among urban local bodies and equipping the municipalities for an effective implementation and monitoring of the plans formulated and related positive outcomes in the city: equipment to measure air pollution, localize city buses, count vehicles, etc.;
  • Linking urban transport policies to GHG emissions reduction as part of the climate change mitigation agenda.

Achieved results of MYC program India

At national level: 

  • MoU signed with MoHUA - Sept 2018
  • First Project Steering committee settled - Feb 2019
  • More to come:
    • CMP toolkit upgradation work;
    • ToRs of NAMA (or equivalent document) for urban transport sector in India; national mobilize days.

At local level:

  • Nagpur:

    • MoU signed  - Aug 2018
    • Mobilize Days – Aug 2018
    • Local steering committee and Technical task force committee settled  -  7th March 2019
    • Training & capacity building workshop -  July 2019 & December 2019
    • … and more to come:
      • “Transition Planning of municipal bus fleet upgrade (Diesel to Electric Buses)” study;
      • SUMP-Mobility database
  • Kochi:

    • MoU signed - 25th July 2019
    • Mobilize Days -  March 2018
    • Training & capacity Building workshop  - July 2019 & December 2019
    • … and more to come:
      • “Mobility improvement between the North-South Railway Station”  study
      • reorganisation of bus network study
  • Ahmedabad:

    • MoU signed - 21st Feb 2019;

    • ‘Mobilize Your City Day’ - 21st & 22nd Feb 2019

    • Local Steering committee settled - 10th Sep 2019

    • Training & capacity building workshop   December 2019

    • … and more to come:

      • ‘Physical integration of Interchange Stations’ study

      • SUMP

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