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About the partnership

Empowering cities to improve mobility for their citizens and decarbonise transport to fight the global climate crisis. European Union, France and Germany, working in collaboration to enable positive global transformation.

Our objectives

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership empowers cities to improve mobility and takes local action to fight the climate crisis

  • Enabling transformational changes towards more inclusive, livable, and efficient cities and accomplishing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG 11: "Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
  • Reduction of transport-related GHG emissions and meeting Nationally Determined Contributions targets (NDC)
  • Fostering more comprehensive, integrated and participatory urban mobility planning at both local & national levels

  • Identifying large-scale sector investments, and linkage to development finance and EU investment facilities

  • Raising ambitions for urban transformation in beneficiary cities and countries, and foster interactive peer-to-peer exchange

What we stand for?

  1. Raising the ambition level and peer-to-peer dynamics of local governments in sustainable urban mobility through forming coalitions, backed by effective, long-term south-south / north-south partnerships and cooperation measures;

  2. Linking targets: Breaking down NDCs into sector targets and connecting these with “co-benefits” (i.e. goals as described in the New Urban Agenda and SDGs), which are politically most relevant and indispensable for diligent implementation and follow-up particularly at sub-national level;

  3. Robust linkage of integral policy and planning approaches with finance & investment: Due to scarce chances particularly in the transport sector to advance individual investment projects with transformational potential, emphasis is crucial to establish integrated, comprehensive policies and development plans for sector transformation with clear linkage to budgeting and financing concepts for activating transformation.

MobiliseYourCity results trajectory



  • Governments and local authorities get support to develop and implement their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) and National Policies (NUMP). Implementing partners provide technical assistance and deploy capacity building activities, improving local ownership of sustainable mobility development.
  • The MobiliseYourCity Partnership helps share, improve and spread technical and methodological assets through capitalisation of knowledge, trainings, publications, and by bringing together local and technical partners.
  • MobiliseYourCity is a partnership for investment and acquisition of services and mobility infrastructure and equipment.
  • The MobiliseYourCity Partnership produces and shares aggregated impact data, related to international agendas, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Nationally Determined Contributions targets (NDC).


  • The MobiliseYourCity Partnership supports city and country partners in planning and financing mobility solutions through two main tools: the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and the National Urban Mobility Plan (NUMP).
  • The MobiliseYourCity Partnership empowers local partners with tools allowing them to act with autonomy.
  • The MobiliseYourCity Partnership provides methodological tools, trainings and reference documentation to the partners.


A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is a strategic plan developed in an inclusive and integrated way in order to meet people and businesses mobility needs in cities and to harmonize and integrate existing planning approaches. It set cities on sustainable course regarding land use and urban mobility.


A National Urban Mobility Plan (NUMP) is a strategic policy or programme developed by national governments to enable local governments to tackle urban mobility challenges. It enhances the capabilities of cities to plan, fund & implement sustainable transport projects.



MobiliseYourCity around the world: the cities and countries we count in already!

61 cities and 13 national governments are members of the Partnership.

MobiliseYourCity reaches out to 31 countries across the globe.

MYC Country and city actions MAP


Supporting partners

Supporting partners aim at developing sustainable urban mobility worldwide with a financial contribution to interventions and activities implemented under the MobiliseYourCity Partnership.

Implementing and technical partners

Knowledge partners

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership extends the reach of knowledge partners, by making the link between with both international and local actors.


The steering committee is responsible for overall strategic orientation and governance. It runs relationships and linkages with political priorities of the Partnership’s donors and the international relevant agendas. The Steering Committee also deals with the Partnership’s implementations activities in geographically specific support-programs in terms of focus, alignment and consistency.

Both supporting partners and implementing agencies are represented at the steering steering committee meetings held twice a year. Details are specified in the charter of the partnership. The minutes of every steering committee are shared on MobiliseYourCity knowledge platform.

Supported by

Implemented by

The MobiliseYourCity Global Secretariat works in Brussels to coordinate the Partnership's  activities, including :

  • Outreach
  • Communication and reporting
  • Technical advisory and knowledge management
  • Fostering the dialogue between Partners
  • Membership management and fundraising
  • Organisation of stakeholder meetings and events

The secretariat also organizes the biannual Steering Committee meetings, which brings together all partners and decides on the main orientations of the Partnership.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team for any inquiries.

Staff - Global Secretariat


Sasank Vemuri (GIZ)

Technical Advisor

Tristan Laurent Morel (Espelia Consortium)

Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication Manager

Vincent Larondelle (CODATU)

Outreach & Partner Services

Recruitment ongoing (CODATU)

Communication Officier

Recruitment ongoing (CODATU)

Coordination Assistant

Internship - recruitement ongoing (CODATU)


François-Jacobs Éléonore

Outreach & Partner Services

Ferdinand Julien

Communication Officier

Vemuri Sasank


Principal contact



MobiliseYourCity is a multi-donor action and a partnership for operational coordination of sustainable urban mobility planning and investment programming

This current knowledge platform is funded by the European Union based on an Intra ACP Grant « Urban Mobility Support Programme »