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All cities need easy access to finance sustainable plans and measures, but how?

30 Oct 2020


Linking local actions to the global agenda is a major contribution of the MobiliseYourCity Partnership and one of its key activities. This is one of the reasons MobiliseYourCity will take part to the Local Climate Solutions for Africa congress to strengthen cooperation on Climate Action Projects for a Sub Saharan Public. This congress spreads over two weeks and is hosted by ICLEI in partnership with the Covenant of Mayors from Sub-Saharan Africa, City of Kigali and The Rwandan Association of Local Government Authorities. Due to the current situation, it will include four days of online activities this year.

MobiliseYourCity will contribute with two interventions that relate to its core topics. We will first provide a technical focus on SUMPs during the “Finance Roadmaps for Climate Projects” session that will take place on November 5th. Then we will contribute to the “Let’s get money moving, financing eco-mobility in a post-COVID world” webinar on November 9th.

What you’ll learn

In  the “Let’s get money moving, financing eco-mobility in a post-COVID world” webinar, we will share our knowledge and expertise from practice on the different steps that lead towards successful financing of green and fair infrastructure. We will guide the audience through the 3 key steps of finance access:

    • Present the levers of change: clear and concrete project definition
    • The importance of scoping the project in terms of resources à problem à solution
    • Be appraisal ready

This session would then close with an inventory and categorisation of potential funding and lending institutions

In the finance roadmap session, we will provide the audience with an insight on our services in the up scaling of climate actions, our technical and financial support on capacity building and MRV, the impact and time period of our projects. MobiliseYourCity’s coordinator Sasank Vemuri will also present lessons from practice.

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MobiliseYourCity is a multi-donor action and a partnership for operational coordination of sustainable urban mobility planning and investment programming.


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