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MRV GHG Africa - Resource Center


CHEVRE Antoine

Transport Team Leader


Capacity Building on MRV of GHG Emissions and Mitigation Actions in African Countries - Angola, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal -

What is MRV? 

Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) is a term used to describe all measures which countries take to collect data on emissions, mitigation actions and support.

Monitoring means direct measurement or estimated calculations of emission and emission reductions following strict guidance and protocols, such as the IPCC Guidelines and CDM Methods. This can include direct measurement using devices or estimation using simple methods or complex models.

Reporting means documentation intended to inform all interested parties. This includes information on methodologies, assumptions and data. Reporting starts from standardized reporting templates, protocols and procedures that are used to feed into National GHG Inventory, NC and BUR.

Verification means specific procedures or expert reviews used to verify the quality of the data and estimates. Verification can be internal or external.

This resource center gives all methologies and study cases to set up a MRV in your city or country.

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