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Latin America and the Carribean

Safe Micromobility


Solorzano Monica

Technical Director


Report by the Corporate Partnership Board of the International Transport Forum

In a fast-evolving urban transport environment, micromobility is changing how people move on a daily basis, and this is challenging existing urban traffic patterns. Electric scooters, e-bikes, motorised skateboards and other light personal mobility devices have become hugely popular, along with traditional bicycles, for short trips. This brings new and urgent challenges for policymakers and city officials.

A recently launched report by the Corporate Partnership Board of the International Transport Forum proposes a framework to define micromobility which includes all the above vehicles and suggests certain limits on mass and speed to classify them. It also compares the safety of powered standing scooters (e-scooters) to that of bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles, and outlines 10 recommendations for Safe Micromobility


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