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Webinar on Transitioning traditional buses to E-Buses in tier 2 cities in India

21 Jul 2020

Transitioning from traditional buses to e-buses can have a great impact on a city. This session aims to address the potential change and focus on EV adoption trends in cities post experiencing the improved air quality during COVID -19 lockdown. At the same time the session intends to share the findings of a study undertaken for transition planning of traditional buses to electric buses in a typical tier 2 city (case example of Nagpur) in India.

To address those issues, MobiliseYourCity India, UMTC and WRI India are glad to invite you to the 5th Chapter of a webinar series on Thursday, 23th July 2020 from 17:30 to 19:00 (IST). The topic will be Transitioning traditional buses to E-Buses in tier 2 cities in India”

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