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Políticas de movilidad y de accesibilidad sostenible en ciudades de Togo - SSATP


Tanzarella Elena

Communication Assistant


Policies for Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility in Urban Areas of Togo SSATP 2020

The present diagnostic study aims to prompt a change in thinking about accessibility and mobility and to raise awareness among decision-makers so that they will implement strong policies, strategies, and operational practices that make an effective contribution to improving transport and mobility in the urban areas of Togo. With this in mind, this final report contains:

  • A policy letter on urban mobility for Togo highlighting the context, objectives, ambitions, and the orientations for achieving them;
  • An urban mobility strategy in alignment with the four categories of the EASI concept;
  • Action plans at the national scale, for Greater Lomé, and for the secondary cities.

The report is based on the recommendations formulated in the assessment report on urban mobility in Togo. These recommendations were finalized following the National Urban Mobility Forum held in Lomé on November 5-6, 2019, which provided the opportunity to present a preliminary version.

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