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Latin America and the Carribean

Webinar "International best practices of funding instruments to support public transit after COVID-19"


Solorzano Monica

Technical Director


17th June, 2020 English Organizers: WRI, GIZ, NUMO, TUMI, MYC, EUROCLIMA+

Webinar "International best practices of funding instruments to support public transit after COVID-19"

Cities are at the frontline of stopping the COVID-19 epidemic, and they are dealing with tough decisions regarding how to maintain basic access to jobs for healthcare and other essential workers while keeping the general population safe. Public transportation operations are being reduced worldwide, while cities have been closing streets down to cars to allow people to move more safely and freely by bikes. 

In this webinar series we will explore the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, how transportation agencies and governments around the world have been acting to address the challenge to their transportation systems, and specifically what implications these actions will have in their longer term resiliency plans and actions.

In our fifth webinar “Resilience and transportation: International best practices of funding instruments to support public transit after Covid-19”, we will consider the enormous financial losses that transport agencies and municipalities are facing due to the drop in the number of passengers and a looming economic recession. We would like to present and discuss ideas, outlooks and recommendations on how to fund public transport and keep the backbone of urban mobility working. In this light, proposals for financial subsidies and a Green New Deal also show the need to address the climate crisis and the decarbonization of transport until 2050.


Keynote Speaker: Franz Drees-Gross, Regional Director for Infrastructure for Latin America and Caribbean Region at World Bank

Friedemann Brockmeyer, civity Management Consultants

Jone Orbea, Electromobility leader for Latin America and the Caribbean at UN Environment Program


Watch the webinar here!

International best practices

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